Vogue Discovers Saba

Count Vogue as the latest to discover what makes Saba a Caribbean paradise.

In A Guide to Saba: The Caribbean’s Best-Kept Secret, Vogue declares Saba “one of the last unspoiled havens in the Caribbean…a treasured secret with pristine beauty and incredibly jovial locals.”

Saba is unlikely to become a tourist hot spot. In many maps, its five square miles are barely a dot if shown at all. That was just fine with Vogue which found that what Saba lacks in size, it more than makes up for in quality and diversity. Saba’s tiny local population (it recently nudged just over 2000) encompasses some 54 nationalities—a “diverse and accepting community that resides in whimsical chockablock cottages.”

Noting that you won’t find a “a Cabo Wabo, a Señor Frog’s, or even a branded hotel with white sand beaches” Vogue loved the ambience of the Queen’s Gardens Hotel (the photo above is from the pool of this inn--you can see the medical school in the distance) and Saba’s lively restaurant scene, including the complex cuisine at Brigadoon and steak night at the Swinging Doors.

And of course Vogue loved the waters off Saba—a marine playground offering some of the finest diving in the world and more than 150 species of fish, turtles, sharks and coral. And yes, who needs white sand beaches—Vogue still found plenty of swimming in the bays off the island’s volcanic rocks.

The article has beautiful photographs. Check it out at A Guide to Saba: The Caribbean’s Best-Kept Secret

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