Famed NBC newscaster Tom Brokaw gives a compelling portrait of the diverse world of today’s healthcare in an opinion piece in The New York Times.

The long-time anchor of the NBC Nightly News described today’s typical, big city hospital as “a universe of scientific genius and selfless compassion populated by what seems to be the most diverse population in the country.”

Brokaw, who calls himself an “active pilgrim” in the medical world (having sought treatment for cancer, kidney stones carrier and other ailments) reflected on his experiences with spinal surgeons of Russian origin, Ecuadorean eye specialists, Chinese imaging experts, Kazakh physical therapists, East Indian oncologists and an orthopedist from Bologna with whom he traded New York Italian restaurant recommendations.

The piece also looks at the challenges of rural hospitals and how these communities benefit from physicians of varying backgrounds—including “homegrown physicians” who came to medicine with unique perspectives,

Read the entire piece here.