Saba Students and Staff Celebrate Saba Day

December 8 marks Saba Day, a public holiday on the island of Saba that celebrates its autonomy and sense of national pride. Over the course of the celebrations, residents on the island participate in sports, barbecues and dances.

Saba students and staff got involved with the holiday by participating in the Saba Sea to Scenery Race, a 6km run that goes all the way up Mt Scenery, one of the island’s most beautiful and highest spots.

Saba Students and Staff

Saba Students and Staff

The event demonstrated the close links Saba has to its community and the pride it takes in fundraising. This is a big motivating factor for students looking to study medicine on the island. The event was also a great opportunity for students to get some much-needed downtime, which is particularly important given how full on the medical programme is.

Congratulations to all the staff and students who participated.

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