Saba Student Wins Poster Contest

Saba’s own Alissa Ali won top honors in the poster competition sponsored by the Maryland chapter of the American College of Physicians at its annual Medical Students’ Steps to Success Meeting held on March 31 at MedStar Harbor Hospital.

Alissa’s poster topped over a dozen other submissions from students at a range of schools in Maryland including Harbor Hospital, Johns Hopkins, (Midtown) Maryland University and others.

Alissa’s poster focused on the case of a young male patient with no past medical history presenting focal neurological deficits. Imaging revealed a brain lesion and upon further investigation the patient was found to have HIV.  He was ultimately diagnosed with cerebral toxoplasmosis after craniotomy with brain biopsy. 

The case demonstrated the importance of a thorough history taking and physical exam particularly in at-risk populations.

Alissa worked on the poster in association with Harbor Hospital's Internal Medicine program (Director: Dr. Richard Williams) and intern, Dr. Rohin Vij. 

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