RLRA Paper accepted for publication in international journal

Saba graduate Shiavax Rao’s RLRA paper (Research: Literature Review and Analysis) that he wrote as part of the curriculum at Saba was accepted for publication in the International Journal of Medical Students.

Diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease earlier in its course has been an ongoing challenge for researchers and clinicians. Recent research in diagnostics has focused on the utilization of several novel biomarkers (in serum, plasma and CSF) for preclinical diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

I found this topic quite intriguing after first encountering it in the “Neuroscience, Mind & Behavior” course during basic sciences, and decided to investigate it further. My research paper focused on advances in the diagnostic efficacy of blood-based biomarkers, owing to their low invasiveness and high applicability to a clinical setting. Having the opportunity to work on this literature research project during my medical school training ultimately led to the article being accepted for publication in a medical journal.

I am very thankful to my mentor, Dr. Andrew Boileau, and Saba University School of Medicine’s RLRA committee for the support and guidance with this endeavor. This experience has definitely laid a strong foundation for future research work during residency.

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