Mohammad Qureshi was recently awarded the Saba University School of Medicine “Dean of Basic Sciences” award, given to the student who achieves the highest GPA during the Basic Sciences portion of the medical program.

Says Mohammad, “ I was working as an engineer, moving from place to place, before I came to Saba. Therefore I had less of an adjustment when I began the MED 1 program as compared to some other students. I thought my classes and professors were good. Dissecting cadavers helped us all learn anatomy well since we were able to actually visualize the body rather than just read from textbooks.

My anatomy professors were incredible; they actually would take time to meet you in the lab on Saturday to help you.” He enjoyed the Basic Sciences curriculum and having course exams and shelfs to reinforce his learning. Mohammad is now studying for the USMLE Step One exam, and writing his RLRA paper on Ginkgo Biloba. He is exploring whether this plant, taken as a supplement, can help to reduce cognitive decline. His Neuroscience professor at Saba is his advisor.

Mohammad Qureshi