Dr. James Bruzik, Associate Dean for Medical Education at Saba University School of Medicine:

Saba’s Anatomy Department. “Saba has a long history of having a very strong anatomy department. The anatomy curriculum at Saba really is becoming to be unique in that not many schools are using cadavers, whereas Saba still is, and I think that is very important for student learning. Even if the students do not have an individual cadaver, they are able to participate alongside with faculty who are experts in the field, and there really is not any better way to learn anatomy. There are other methods, for example virtual anatomy and models and so on, but having the cadaver there and being able to work with it in a first-hand manner gives our students a real leg up in learning anatomy. This is one of those foundational skills that’s then going to apply not only for the rest of the students’ time in the Basic Sciences but beyond."