Residency and Clinicals at Saba - Canada Webinar 20 October 2021


Join us to learn more about how we successfully prepare our Canadian students for residency. 94% of our eligible graduates obtain residencies (2019-2021).

In this session, we will detail the Saba process from start to finish, including how we build a strong basic sciences foundation and how it will prepare you for the USMLE Step 1, the benefits of our unique clinical rotations, and finally, a review of our excellent residency attainment.

Do you know about our Canadian Dollar Rate Lock?

To help ensure that fluctuations in currency rates do not impede your education at Saba University School of Medicine (“SUSOM”) all Canadian students matriculating on or after the Fall 2021 term are eligible for a CA$ exchange rate lock so long as they are actively enrolled. Students also benefit in future periods to the extent the Canadian $ strengthens relative to the US $. This offer applies to students that matriculate starting in the September 2021 semester or later.

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