An Introduction to Saba Webinar 3 August 2021


Discover why Saba University is the perfect place for you to study. Learn about our MD program, location, facilities, accommodation and much more. Bring any questions you might have about studying at Saba with you as the session will be led by Scott Graham, who has an excellent knowledge of life at the university.

“What do you need to have to get into medical school?”. In this session learn about the admissions process at Saba University School of Medicine. We will discuss the acceptance criteria in detail as well as insider tips for your personal statement and interview.

Ready to apply? Find out more about Saba University School of Medicine's admissions process in this 45-minute webinar. Sarah Russell will discuss the application review process and reapplying as well as when to submit your application.

Saba University School of Medicine invites you to speak to school administrators and recent graduates at our campus. You’ll gain an insight into life on Saba Island as well as our facilities, accommodation and what our Basic Sciences program entails.

Webinars are an excellent opportunity for you to gain a better insight into what becoming a doctor with Saba University really means. Not only will you be able to hear information from the team at Saba, you will also be able to ask questions.

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