March 7, 2023 | Journey to Becoming a Doctor Webinar


Saba University School of Medicine is a leading, fully-accredited medical school located in the Caribbean. In this session learn about our excellent residency attainment, USMLE success, accreditations and approvals allowing you to practice in all U.S. states and Canada, academics and financials.

Discover why Saba is the perfect place for you to study. Learn about our medical program, location, facilities, accommodation, and much more. We will also take you through the admissions process, acceptance criteria and share insider tips for your personal statement and interview.

Saba graduate, Dr. Trevor Dorey will be joining us in our live online session to share his academic & student experience, clinical rotations and matching into his Surgery residency at Anne Arundel Medical Center in the U.S.

Bring any questions you might have about studying at Saba with you as the session will be led by one of the senior staff at Saba University School of Medicine, who has an excellent knowledge of life at Saba.

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